VMD Paint Delivery!

It is like Christmas around here! Nearly every day something arrives (or say they will and don’t show up a-hem UPS freight…not getting those seven hours of my life back).  Some deliveries are coming to the house and others that include larger items are getting shipped directly to the shop. It’s been a little crazy coordinating it all and I’m not sure I can squeeze one more box into our garage!

One of the most exciting for me has to be ALL of the paint….and there is a lot of it! Each day a few boxes arrive with the promise from the great guys at Vintage Market & Design of more to come. My postal delivery man finally had to ring the doorbell the other day and ask what in the world I was up to…and could he please leave the EIGHT more boxes down by the garage?  What?   No Postal Crossfit up my entry stairs?!  I think the poor guy has delivered over thirty paint boxes alone to my front door. So of course I let him of the hook without giving away the fact he was saving me the trip of lugging those heavy boxes back down to the garage anyway. 🙂     

Here is a shot of what you see when you open my garage door. Wow…that’s just embarrassing. Even the kids on the school bus look at me shamefully when they go by.

VMD Paint Delivery

I just had to crawl back there to retrieve a jar of paint I needed for a big custom project that has been patiently waiting for my attention (thank you Suzanne for your understanding) and needless to say, all of those childhood games of Twister paid off.

But before you send the producer from Hoarders my way…the plan is move everything to the shop this weekend. It’s getting close! I’m around a month away from my target opening date and there is still so much to do…but it’s starting to come together! I have days where I think I’ll be opening sometime in March 2014, and then a few things check off my list and I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll be posting little progress updates as we move closer to my Grand Opening. So stay tuned!