the past year

When I turned on my laptop (too) early this morning, I went straight to my blog. I’ve been seriously neglecting it lately and wanted to check in and write a quick update post on the progress of my new shop.  But to my surprise, instead of my homepage a renewal notice popped up.

Yep, it’s been a year.

Wow. My first reaction was definitely negative…seriously? MORE money? The past few weeks money has been flying out the door with all of the expenses of building out my new space, buying fixtures and displays, and all of the amazing inventory…so getting another “bill” wasn’t exactly something I was ready to celebrate.

But then it hit me…          

It’s already been a year. Wow…ONLY a year?!! So much has happened in the past twelve months. I worked with my first custom paint client (you can read about that here), started my blog (link back to that here), opened up my own space inside Home Inspirations Market (you can find that post here) and now here I am getting ready to open up my own shop!

Whew…that doesn’t seem real. My excitement seems real and the stress level – oh that’s definitely real! But it doesn’t seem possible that it has only been a year.

The fun thing about writing a blog is how it captures a piece of your life with each post. It’s a great reminder about where you’ve been and how far you have come. As I looked over the past year and all of the projects I posted – it felt good. Don’t get me wrong…not every one went well. I made my share of mistakes and remember vividly the day I was covered in paint only to look at the clock and realize I was scheduled to be at a design consult in 15 minutes. (don’t even look, you won’t find that post)  But what I’m most proud of is having the courage to stretch myself and all of the things I have learned in the process.

But tucked in between all of the “before and after” photos was a post that struck me the most. It was a simple one back on a particularly rainy day on November 12, 2012.  (find it here).  Reading about how I felt that day made me smile. It reminded me that I am following my dream and even though it feels like a whirlwind right now…it’s certainly not a whim. Its just what I needed to renew my energy to believe in myself and keep pushing forward. Even if it means we have pancakes for dinner. (okay, again.)

So you got me WordPress…I’m reaching once again for my wallet and renewing for another year.