Thank you for shopping “small”

Shop Small.

What does it mean to “shop small”?

Wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days of the year.  Yes, I’m a small business owner, and Small Business Saturday is a great day for the little guys, but it means so much more than just the bottom line.

Small Business Saturday is about taking a deep breath and enjoying the people and places around you. It’s the coffee shop, the pizza spot, and your favorite shop that makes up what you call home. Shopping small preserves local character. It’s what makes your town different from the next, the friendly face – excited to meet your family in from out of town.

Shopping small supports local charities, schools and programs. Studies show on average locally owned businesses give three times more than corporate chains. See a shop with windows papered with posters of the local high school play, soccer team or church craft bazaar? Those are signs of support in lieu of a sale.

When you shop local, you’re money stays local. Neighbors are employed, and profits funnel back to your community. Studies show on average, $68 of every $100 spent stays in your local economy.

Finally, shopping small supports hard work and a dream. Choosing to shop or dine with a neighbor is a pat on the back, or the little nudge they need to keep going or maybe take that leap to grow.

Today was a fun day…a reminder to think big, and shop small. Thank you!

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