custom buffet transformation

Wow…I’ve been really bad about writing on my blog. Not good.  It just seems like when things get busy, it’s the first thing to go. Well that and laundry…but it’s summer, so who needs clean socks?

We are heading out for a family vacation, but I wanted to at least get some photos out of the latest custom job I finished. I’ve been working so hard to keep up with my shop, doing custom work has been difficult to squeeze in…but I’m really happy with the way this one turned out. I have another custom job that still needs my attention…but after a little R&R with the family this week, I will be ready to tackle that challenge when I get back!

I was really excited to get started on this particular custom project because I just know it is going to have such an amazing impact on this client’s dining room. This buffet is lucky enough to be a part of a 100 year old Seattle home and it’s new color will be the perfect complement to all of the beautiful wood floors, windows and other original wood details throughout this home.

Here is a photo of the buffet before:


A great piece, and the size and style worked well…but was lost a bit with all of the rest of the similar colored wood in the room.

After a color consultation, we decided on Duck Egg by Annie Sloan. Distressed to highlight the great details and finished with a layer of clear wax and dark wax, both by Miss Mustard Seed.

Here it is ready to go!


And a close up of the detail work…


This piece will get one final touch with some new knobs, but we will wait until it gets back to its home before making that decision.




new custom makeover

I love a good deal, and in my line of work it’s critical when it comes to upcycling and selling furniture. I need to find good pieces at great prices in order to offer them for sale at a reasonable price for my clients. This is the part where I find myself explaining that shopping really can be “work”. Seriously! Ok, maybe not ALL of it feels like work. 🙂

I pride myself as being a pretty good shopper…but I recognize when I’ve been out matched, and my friend Kelly has some serious skills!  That girl can hunt down a bargain and I love it!! She has picked up several great pieces for me during her expeditions…but when she sent me a picture of this antique dresser she picked up for a steal, I knew she earned her crown.

Kelly before

Such a great vintage piece, but unfortunately someone had put a thick layer of some kind of green-tinted lacquer all over it. Yuk! We could tell there had to be some potential under all of that gunk…and for the price is was worth taking the chance.

I first needed to strip off all of the lacquer. This is a MESSY job, and unfortunately, I’m always surprised how long it takes. The best way I can think of to describe it? Hmmm… kind of like scraping a big wad of gum off the sidewalk on a hot summer day. (It’s glamorous work I do here people)

But with all of that gooey mess comes a amazing sense of satisfaction when you uncover a drawer that can look as pretty as this…

Kelly side closeup

Kelly is going to use this piece as a TV stand in her family room and we wanted to bring in the beautiful shade of blue she is already using as an accent color throughout the rest of the room.

The paint I used is Provence, by Annie Sloan, distressed and finished with a layer of clear wax followed by dark wax detail work. The wood was stripped, sanded and finished in a Dark Walnut stain by Minwax.

I love furniture makeovers…even the “gummy” ones, and I can’t wait to see this sweet little dresser in it’s new home!  Enjoy Kelly!

Kelly fullshot

custom work

I can’t believe we are in our second week of April! It’s been almost six weeks now since I opened my little shop. In many ways it feels like it has been six months and then when I think about all the plans I still have….I catch myself thinking,  “where did the past six weeks go?”  But I do feel like things are settling in and the crazy factor has decreased significantly. I’m definitely learning along the way…figuring out a balance and what makes sense for me both artistically and business-wise. Unfortunately, those two things don’t always go hand in hand…

Part of that balance is my interior design and custom work.  I really enjoy that side of my craft and want to be sure to carve enough time in my schedule to be able to work with clients independently as well as what I do for my shop.

So today I thought I would share a antique dresser makeover I recently did for a friend. Continue reading