painting furniture black…and the challenges that go with it!

I’ve painted several pieces of furniture black. A couple were my own, a few custom pieces for clients…and every once in awhile I get the crazy idea to paint something black just because.

Why? Because a well painted piece of black furniture is stunning.

But boy…is it ever challenging.

I’ve used latex, oil based and chalk paint in black, and they all have their benefits and their shortcomings. When it comes to distressing and getting the look I really like…there is no competing with chalk paint. I love the look of warm wood coming through black paint and chalk paint does that beautifully. But there are two challenges in my opinion with black chalk paint. First, it’s not THAT BLACK. It really is more of a chalkboard black. I do think Wrought Iron by Maison Blanche is the deepest black compared to others on the market, so I use it over the others.

Second challenge? WAX.

Just do a quick search on chalk paint on the internet and you will quickly find the biggest challenge people have with using chalk paint is applying the wax. It’s tricky to get enough wax to deepen the color evenly throughout the piece…but not too much so that it starts to cloud. I’ve also found that when a piece has a heavy layer of protective lacquer it can resist the wax if not completely covered with paint and appear blotchy. This is important to consider when you want some of the wood finish to show through in the final product and may need to do some sanding prior to painting.

A recent custom project was unfortunately not without these challenges. But with many hours of work, a little determination,  and a few creative words I’m hoping weren’t loud enough for my new neighbors to hear… I think I have it finished!

This client was finishing up a beautiful master bed & bath remodel and wanted to update her 80’s style bedroom suite. They had already purchased a custom upholstered bed, but struggled to find the right furniture to complement the new decor and fill the large scale of the room.

Here are the “Before” photos:  As usual, I had already started taking it apart before remembering to take a picture. But you get the idea…



And the “After”

Both pieces are painted (many layers) with Wrought Iron by Maison Blanche La Craie furniture paint. I also painted all of the hinges and hardware in oil rubbed bronze to further complete the update from the previous brass.

Quite the transformation!

Linda Dresser fullshot

Linda Dresser side

Linda Armoire door open

Linda Armoire -Closeup

Linda Armoire side angle

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  1. they are gorgeous as per your USUAL. very much worth the choice words, extra work and many layers. they will love them. glad you love the Maison Blanche WROUGHT IRON the best, I agree totally!!!!

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