my happy place

I’ve been doing a lot of custom work this summer, which has been awesome. My business is growing, and it’s beyond exciting for me. However, I have learned that along with all of the custom work, it is important for me to just paint. Paint for the pure joy of it…not for a particular end project in mind, or busting my tail to get something finished to fill a hole in my shop.

So today after completing a particular challenging custom project and finishing writing my last blog post…I needed to find my happy place and just zone out to some great music and let the creativity flow. I had a recent thrift store find I was anxious to work on and thought it was the perfect piece to add to my shop before the weekend.

Here is the poor thing before…    

Carla before

It was a solid wood table…but wow. Ugly.  But I love a round table, and pub height…what’s not to like about that?

A few man cave options went through my head…but I just wasn’t feeling any of them. “Carla” just didn’t feel man cave to me. I think she has grown tired of the cheap beer and peanuts over the years…and she really prefers wine. I guess I just felt like she belonged in a cute little kitchen corner somewhere rather than a basement flanked by another beer sign and a pool table.

I grabbed a can of “coco” by Annie Sloan and painted the whole thing, stepped back and looked at it again. Hmmm…I had an idea.

I reached for my yardstick and measured to find the center and sketched out a diamond in the middle. My first plan was to measure my way around…but just wasn’t feeling the math challenge and decided to just eyeball it with my yardstick and start drawing lines. Before I knew it I had a fairly decent pattern and was ready to paint. Again…I needed to just play, not plan, so I just started painting the diamonds with Annie Sloan Old White using two different brushes. One to outline and one to fill in.

This is my kind of therapy…

Krista painting fleurdelis

Since I wanted a hand painted look (i.e. something between perfect lines and a kindergarten masterpiece) I skipped the tape and hand painted each diamond.

The Mister came home and snapped this photo…I think after the third “uh huh” that came from my end of our conversation, he decided I was in the zone and we were probably looking at take-out for dinner. Such a good guy he is…

After a good work out with a sanding block and a layer of clear wax, Carla is transformed and ready for a new home! This is the perfect example of why I love to upcycle furniture. Look at his doll!

Meet Carla…

Carla Fullshot

Rita Closeup2

Rita closeup

Carla will be heading for my shop tomorrow!