Moving Day!

Yesterday was moving day! It was such a big day and felt like we made a giant leap closer to getting the shop ready to open. I have been hunting, picking and buying display pieces all over the place, and was beginning to fear that I was going to have such an eclectic mix of items that it was going to look terrible! I often wake up in the middle of the night struck by a “what was I thinking?!!” moment so strong that it would kill any chance of getting any sleep.  I don’t do well with the unknown…have you caught on to that by now?  So it was a huge relief to get some of the major pieces in place and have it look as good as I hoped it would. WHEW!  

I want the shop to me a fun mix of new and vintage…but I definitely got some head shakes when I pulled into the driveway all excited with and old nut drying rack and a chippy ten foot ladder. But I always have a plan. I’m not saying the plan always works…sometimes the “idea” is a good one, but the practical application is impossible. Or it’s a really cool idea, but I have no idea or the skills on how to execute it. (hate that when that happens) So it will be interesting to start putting everything together and see how it works. Fingers crossed!

Here is a quick photo of us loading up the truck…look at all those boxes of paint! It took three trips to get everything to the shop. You can see the nut drying rack leaning against the side of the truck. I’m hoping to use it to display jewelry. Great idea right? (that is if it works) 🙂