Meet “Rucker”, the round table

As I started filling in the shop it was obvious I needed a round display table for the center of the space. I have this amazing industrial cart in my garage that is just begging for a cool round reclaimed top, but I just don’t have the time right now to track it down. It would be crazy cool…but it will have to wait patiently for the proper makeover.

But when I was down at Home Inspirations to start to pack up to move my space, I was chatting with another vendor friend that I needed a round table. A customer overheard and offered to sell me hers. “It’s solid, round …but it’s oak and really needs to be painted” was how she described it. Hmmm…I may just be able to do that!

We arranged the deal and on moving day swung by her place on Rucker Ave and picked it up. It was the perfect size, but she was right…it was that yellow colored OAK – that was just screaming for a makeover.

Here is before:

Oak Round Table

So while I was waiting for a couple of deliveries at the shop last Thursday,  I decided it was time to get started. I absolutely had NO PLAN at all, which made it all the more fun. I had 36 colors and 5 different waxes all within reach…and I just decided to go for it and see what happened.

I love this paint!

I was already painting another display shelf in the color TWIG, so I of course started with the wet paint brush I already had in hand. I then began layering a mix of LINEN and OXFORD. When I thought it was too light…I added dark. When it got too dark, I dry brushed in some light.

Then I added a layer of clear wax and broke out the GRUNGE IT dusting powder.

Addicted. I’m going to have to buy this stuff by the gallon buckets, because I love the aging effect this dusting powder achieves.Grunge It by Vintage Market & Design

Here are a couple of shots of “Rucker” after…

He will be for sale (I think),  but I’m going to have a tough time letting him go. 🙂

Round table after

Round table after closeup

Round Table closeup2

Want to learn more about this great line of chalk based furniture paint? Click HERE

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