It’s official. I’ve found “my” paint!!

VMD Collage

If you have been reading my blog you know that I do a lot of painting…and I’ve used A LOT of paint. This paint-that paint, chalk paint, milk paint, this wax-that wax…I have certainly done my share of experimenting and as a result…formed some pretty strong opinions.

So when I started researching paint lines to carry in my own shop – it was tough. I knew I had to carry a quality product that was easy to use and I felt confident selling and also have it make sense from a business perspective. Basically, if I was going to invest thousands of dollars in a paint line, I wanted to LOVE working with it and LOVE teaching others how to use it too!

Believe it or not…that was not an easy task.

So when I connected with the guys from Vintage Market & Design, I thought it was too good to be true. Their customer-based approach to offer a great product (their 40 year old recipe) at a reasonable price (25% less than most other brands) was just what I was looking for. So after countless email exchanges with Edward from VMD with all of my questions….I anxiously awaited for my paint and waxes to arrive.

The truth? I was convinced I wasn’t going to like it. It was just too good to be true.

And I was right…I didn’t like it. I LOVED it !! I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard the squeals from my garage. I was beside myself with excitement.

I had finally found my paint….and yours too.

So I’m thrilled to announce that BEACHGLASS by: K. Miller Interiors will be carrying Vintage Market and Design furniture paint and waxes. We are the first in Washington State and I will also be representing the line in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, Pierce, Kitsap and Island Counties.

  •  36 colors in 8oz, 16oz and 32 oz sizes (32 oz/1 QT size retails for only $26.95!)
  • 6 different wax colors and 3 metallic accent waxes (copper, gold and shimmer)
  • Grunge It! aging dust
  • brushes, protective sealers and more!

Stay tuned for more information and class offerings as I get closer to my grand opening!

If you have a retail shop and are interested in learning more about Vintage Market & Design furniture paint – contact me!