empire state of mind

I have been a little MIA from writing lately (sorry about that)…just a very busy time of year. The end of the school year always makes me a little nutty with all of the extra activities scheduled.  Field Day, Fun Run, 5th Grade Olympics, Marketplace, 5th Grade Celebration, Band Trip, not to mention the ELEVEN basketball games we had over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Excuses, excuses…it was time to pick up the paintbrush today.

Fortunately, I have some great pieces just waiting for me to work on in my shop. My favorite being this AMAZING empire dresser!

Empire Dresser before

It is one solid piece of furniture…and those glass knobs (love).  My original plan was to keep some of the original wood as an accent, but unfortunately it just wasn’t in good enough condition to leave unpainted. So instead it is going to get a touch of some chalk paint magic! I’m thinking of doing it two colors to show off its beautiful curves. Hmm…

So stay tuned…I will be working away to finish this dresser and will post pictures tomorrow!