Decorating With Evergreens

Dealing with the post-storm mess outside? If your yard looks like mine, it’s covered with sticks, branches, leaves, and maybe the neighbor’s BBQ cover? That was quite a windstorm we experienced here in the Pacific Northwest this past week! I hope all of you are safe and your electricity has been restored. (shout-out to PUD – thank you!)

Charles was out of town on business during all the excitement, so the boys and I headed out to clean up some of the wreckage and find our driveway once again. But in my typical distracted style, I found myself finding all kinds of great uses for all of the beautiful evergreens! “Wait! that’s a good one, put it on the pile!” Soon the boys were holding up each branch for a thumbs up or down before it headed for the yard waste or my “holiday evergreen stash”.

So before you get too hasty in your clean up, be sure and save a little stash of your own. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few I came across to get you inspired!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to swap out sad looking remains of your summer annuals. Easiest project ever! Just stuff and tuck a variety of evergreens, sticks and pinecones! This beautiful arrangement and step by step instructions can be found on the beautiful blog The Art of Doing Stuff 

Outdoor Planter

Add a little winter touch to your front door by filling a basket or any container with greens. This birch basket would be lovely on a porch or right by the fireplace. Spotted this one on Lush Home

Evergreen Basket

Adding evergreens can be as simple as popping in a few sprigs in a votive or surrounding a pillar candle or lantern for extra texture and color.

candle greens collagePhotos via Pinterest

I love this idea of just a touch on the top of photo frames from

Evergreen Photo Collage

And of course, don’t forget the evergreen wreath!

Small Evergreen Wreath

Photo by

Now get out there and clean up! 🙂