Crazy…party of One? Crazy??

It’s official. I’ve hit crazy. Between trying to get the shop physically ready (paint, light fixtures, new floor) procure display fixtures, cash wrap and point of sale and make about 1000 decisions on product inventory…I’m certifiable.

Yep, that means people I can no longer be held accountable for my actions. The rambling on to myself…please just ignore it. The dark circles under my eyes from searching the internet at 3am…pretend you don’t see them.  When you see me in the grocery store just staring at the bananas…don’t interrupt me, I just had another “amazing idea” and I’ll most likely forget it when I move on to the grapes.

I know it will all come together. It will. Right? Just bear with me in the meantime. These posts will be more therapy for me than anything of any value to all of you.  But I’ll keep you posted on progress, let you in on some of the exciting things that are happening, and of course post some great pics along the way.

Here are a couple of recent shots of BEACHGLASS by K.Miller Interiors in the making… WARNING: they aren’t pretty.

Here is a sample of the walls.  The space was previously a children’s bookstore so the red, teal, sunshine yellow and bright orange walls were perfect. But for my shop? Not so much…I think I’m still seeing that yellow when I close my eyes.

Shop before

You can see where they painted around the bookcases which left an interesting effect once they were removed 🙂

Bad floor tile…carpet…flourescent lighting. UGH.

Here is a shot of the sunshine yellow storage room.

shop storage room

Progress…tile removed!

shop floor tile

Little help from my boys getting the first coat of paint on those walls!

boys painting shop

Late night…but carpet out and second coat of paint completed…but going to need a third! Grrrr…. tired and cursing Crayola. Time to take down the lights while the paint dries. You can see they are having a lovely effect on this photo.

shop paint progress

Back at home…trips to SODO for meetings with vendors and faced with many decisions to make. The design industry sure likes their print media…

catalog stack

Lots left to do…but it’s coming!!