confessions of a poinsettia killer…

This year (like every year) I bought two poinsettias. One for the center of my table and a larger one that sits on the floor near the front door. Well,  by December 2nd…I had already managed to kill one. This isn’t completely uncommon for me, although I wouldn’t consider myself a total “green thumb”, I do fine in the garden. But inside, particularly at Christmas time…I turn into the holiday grim reaper to these poor innocent plants.  I almost feel guilty buying one.

So our table sat bare for the past few weeks, but with holiday entertaining over the next couple of days I need to do a last minute scramble for something for a centerpiece.  Since I have a custom painting job that is taking priority, this needed to be accomplished in about ten minutes…fifteen tops.

I had picked up this amazing vintage punch bowl awhile back for $9…and it was the perfect size for what I envisioned.  A pretty silver or glass bowl would also work well.


Since it wasn’t  raining, snowing or something in between….I headed outside.  Again, had to be quick it was getting dark.

I snipped and clipped and literally picked some branches up off the ground and headed back inside.

bowl 2

I arranged about three different types of greenery, added some red-tipped dogwood branches from the backyard,  along with some mercury glass ornaments I stole off the back of the tree.  I had picked up a couple boxes of those battery operated led lights from Target earlier in the week, so I tucked those in as well.  Really anything will work here…


centerpiece closeup

Hmmm….from this angle it looks like I need to tuck the cord in a little better. But it works! I now have a festive centerpiece for the table and another poinsettia didn’t have to make the sacrifice.

Although I’m not sure about this one…he’s not looking so good. C’mon buddy, just a few more days. Hang in there…


2 thoughts on “confessions of a poinsettia killer…

  1. I had always suspected some homicidal tendencies just bubbling under the surface of a supposedly calm exterior…. try pouring some be er on em.

    • what? my friendly contractor hasn’t filled you on my insanity? 🙂 I’m trying the beer thing for sure…we just happened to have a little around here! Thanks for the tip!

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