chasing deliveries

Shipments are arriving nearly daily and it has been interesting trying to stay a step ahead of them. When I placed early orders I made sure they were shipped to our house since there was so much work to be done at the shop and I knew any inventory would just get in the way of  the remodeling progress. But as things have started to come together, I started directing deliveries to the shop address. Particularly, the large ones.

How has that worked? Pretty much as you would guess. If I’m at home – they arrive at the shop. If I’m at the shop…I come home to the front door blocked with boxes. It’s just the challenges of opening up a new shop, so luckily it’s an easy fix once I’m officially open for business.

I had to catch a quick photo of this latest delivery of Chilewich Rugs. Have you heard of these amazing indoor/outdoor utility mats? Love them. They are absolutely perfect for our wet Northwest weather and were one of the first lines on my list when I started shopping.

Here is my car stuffed front to back with rug boxes…(and one more paint box!)

Chilewich Order Car

Of course I had to rip into those boxes and take a peek…all ready to go!

Chilewich Rack

Only 20 days to go!!