the past year

When I turned on my laptop (too) early this morning, I went straight to my blog. I’ve been seriously neglecting it lately and wanted to check in and write a quick update post on the progress of my new shop.  But to my surprise, instead of my homepage a renewal notice popped up.

Yep, it’s been a year.

Wow. My first reaction was definitely negative…seriously? MORE money? The past few weeks money has been flying out the door with all of the expenses of building out my new space, buying fixtures and displays, and all of the amazing inventory…so getting another “bill” wasn’t exactly something I was ready to celebrate.

But then it hit me…           Continue reading

just do it.

We are a big sports family, so the famous tagline from Nike gets thrown around quite a bit in our house. It seems to work well in almost any situation, and I catch myself using it with my boys all the time. Make your bed? Homework? Walk the dog? … just do it.  I think it has become my rendition of the “because I told you so” parenting line my generation grew up hearing so often.

So when the opportunity to open my own shop and studio in Mukilteo became a real possibility, I had a big decision to make. Will anyone come? Do I have the time it takes to be successful? Will I love it as much as I think I will? How will my family adjust to me working all the time? Can I do this??? So many questions…so little answers.

Just a couple of sleepless nights. Continue reading

new to the shop!

Just finished and delivered! At BEACHGLASS located in Home Inspirations on the corner of Hoyt and Hewitt Avenue in Everett.

Possibilities are endless! Great storage for media, a craft room, play room or mudroom… or use it in a home office as a credenza.

High quality and hand painted – Only $265Riley

Riley close up

Also a darling two color layer distressed vintage jewelry armoire in pink and white.


jewelry armoire

this shop, that shop and my shop

We are having an amazing summer…this weather has been awesome! I am loving all of the sunshine, but that rainy day this past week was just what I needed to get some work done.

I also did a fun little two day road trip last week with my mom. I guess more of a shopping excursion than technically a road trip, but we covered some miles…by car and by boat. Continue reading

island time

I’m back from our amazing vacation in Maui. Such a great trip…it’s always hard to adjust to reality after all that fun and relaxation.  There is something about that island vibe that is good for this slightly obsessive soul of mine. Spending time together as a family without the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules always helps put things in better perspective. It’s kinda silly some of the things we all waste our time stressing about, isn’t it?  Ok, sure…I understand that life brings real problems and certainly they all can’t be solved with your feet in the sand and an ice cold Longboard Lager in hand…but it can sure help forget them for awhile!


But back to reality.

It was a pretty quiet while I was gone at the shop, which I had mixed feelings about. Of course, it’s exciting to have great sales…but I know its been beautiful weather around here and people in the Pacific Northwest know better than to waste any sunshine indoors. And honestly, I was so busy leading right up to our vacation I didn’t have much finished to restock my store if I had needed to. I may not be able to stick with  “island time”…but at least it doesn’t seem to require a quick flight back to the land of crazy.

I did sell “Edward” the beautiful empire dresser yesterday.  I have to admit…it made me a little sad. I love that dresser! I think it may be one of my all-time favorites.

Here is a reminder of what Edward looked like…

Edward full shot

<sigh>  Well back to work…I’m having a challenge with a custom piece right now, so it is time to focus my efforts on getting that project looking good! I’ll post pics when I’m finished.


what’s in a name?

If you follow my blog, you may have met Liza, Frenchie, Sophia, Florence, or most recently Fergie. I’m often asked if I name all of the furniture I work on, and if so, how do I decide on a name.  Well, the answer is yes, I do name all of my furniture.  Sounds a little crazy, I know.

The main reason is simply organization. It’s easier to store and file photos and sale transactions by a name, rather than some lengthy description. And let’s be honest, we all know there has been more than one grey dresser in my life. How I come up with the name? Well, this is where I might need to admit to a little crazy. Or just blame it on the paint fumes… Continue reading

I’d like to buy a vowel…

It all started with an “E”.

I’ve had this space on the wall next to the dresser buffet in our dining area that has been screaming for something. I’ve looked at all kinds of art options and nothing ever seemed to get me excited enough to pull the trigger and buy it.

Then I came across this…

Letter E

Crazy thing to fall in love with…but I did, and bought it on the spot. We have this coastal look going in our house and I thought this “E” looked like it was just washed in by the tide. It’s a peeling, flakey mess…and I love it.

So I was on the hunt for an “S” and an “A” so I could spell the word “SEA”.  I’ve come across some pretty cool vintage marquee letters out there; but that wasn’t the look I really wanted. So the “E” was stashed in my office where it anxiously waited for the elusive consonant and vowel still needed to make it complete.

I searched ETSY, ebay, you name it. Everything I saw was either too big, too small, too bright or too new. It was becoming a bad case of Goldilocks and I was starting to think of people I know who’s name starts with the letter “E” I could give this thing to.  But just when I wasn’t looking…I saw them. I stopped in one of my favorite spots in Snohomish, Ruffles and Rust Square and there they were. The perfect “S” and a pretty darn good “A”.  The size was perfect and I loved the recycled pieces of tin they were made from. The colors in the “S” work really well, but the “A” may get bumped if I happen to come across a better option. It’s just a little darker than I would prefer. But c’mon, I realize I’m being pretty picky here.

So here is one of my favorite things…all spelled out. Unfortunately this room isn’t ideal for photos, it gets flooded with light and creates crazy shadows, even on a cloudy day like today. But you’ll get the idea  🙂

SEA only

SEA fullshot

beachglassblonde SALE!

Sale TagsIt’s a SALE!!

I love a good sale, and in honor of my new back wall and all of its rusty goodness….all of the furniture in my shop is on sale! WOOHOO! So if you have been eyeing something I’ve posted, it’s time to get your tail down to Home Inspirations at 1502 Hewitt Avenue in Everett before it’s gone!!

Starts Today!!


my attempt at a plan

Ever since I signed the lease on my new shop life has been crazy.  Every free moment has been dedicated to working on projects to add to my ever changing inventory. I haven’t worked “full time” outside our home for several years, and currently I think I’m on more volunteer boards, committees, etc than ever. That combination has taken its toll around here and I needed to get myself more organized.

So I made a list…

I prioritized current projects, added the usual “to do” list of things that needed to be done around here and made some final plans for my oldest son’s 13th birthday tomorrow.

It was a great plan…I felt better. It always helps my anxiety level when I can organize my efforts and plan for progress.

Then on my way home from my PTO board meeting last night I got a call from the “Mister”…also known as our 5th grade basketball coach. He was on his way to the emergency room with our youngest son and his later confirmed to be a broken right arm.

So much for my great plan.  Continue reading

new adventure!

I have some exciting news!  Last Sunday I was given the opportunity to become a vendor at a great new home and vintage market in the up and coming Art District in downtown Everett!

I’m beside myself with excitement, it is exactly what I was looking for to sell my furniture pieces along with the opportunity to expand and offer more home interior accessories as well.  Signed the lease on Monday and the grand opening is TOMORROW!  (gulp!)

Needless to say,  I haven’t slept much the past few days…    Continue reading