removing wood veneer

As promised here is a tutorial on how I removed the veneer from a vintage waterfall dresser.  Roll up your sleeves people…this takes some work, but definitely worth it in the end.

Here is a reminder of the dresser before. The existing veneer had some chips missing in areas, but particularly on the front of the drawers. (which I curiously picked at and made worse)  The other places were small enough to repair with wood filler.

Dresser before

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hello friend…

A great friend of mine just moved into a fantastic new house.  And if you’ve ever moved or remodeled, you know there are always those boxes full of “stuff” after all the unpacking that just doesn’t make the cut.  Sure it was fine in your old house, but now that everything is exciting and new, well…it just doesn’t work. In fact, why did you ever buy that hideous porcelain cat figurine in the first place?  No worries, just congratulate yourself on your new and improved taste and start the search for that perfect something new. However, if you just bought a house or remodeled,  you most likely just spent an unthinkable about of cash and you have a long list of big-ticket items you still have your hopes on.  Spending extra money on new accessories may just have to wait.   So…this is the time to get thrifty creative.  Or in this case, you drop it by your crafty friend’s place, after all it was her “great” idea. Continue reading

just a little more glitter…

Whew! I just arrived home late Sunday night from my whirlwind remodel project in Mesa, Arizona…and was hit pretty hard on Monday morning by the fact it was December 17th! Crap!! I have soooo much left to do to get ready for Christmas!  I had a custom paint project dropped off yesterday, so somehow between my last minute holiday shopping,  I need to squeeze in painting a dining room table and EIGHT chairs before Christmas! <deep breath>

So if you run into me at the grocery store or the mall looking a little crazy with paint in my hair,  pretend you don’t see me when I dive into a nearby clothes rack to hide instead of saying hello.  🙂

But for now it’s about the glitter…

In an earlier post (you can see it again here) I made glittered letters with the german glass glitter I ordered online from Meyer Imports. Well, I couldn’t leave all that glittery goodness alone!   I picked up a variety of pinecones from the craft store and went to work on creating a little more sparkle around the house.  It’s about as easy of a project as it comes (I said easy, but I might mention messy)  but the results are worth the clean up.  Just apply glue to the areas on the pine cone you want to highlight with a small paint brush or sponge brush and sprinkle with glitter. That’s it!

Here are the large pinecones I added to the tray on my coffee table to add a little winter glitz:

Pine cones & starfish

And many more I added in clusters in our upstairs Christmas tree:

tree pinecones 2

tree closeup

christmas tree full

You may not hear from me much this week…but I’ll check in and let you know how it’s going.  Maybe I’ll see you at the mall 🙂


Look out my friends, the german glass glitter I ordered arrived!

JOY - glitter

So as I feared, many of my Christmas decorations pre-remodel were a bust.  Too gold, too burgundy, too formal, too-something…I was able to make a lot of it work, particularly the more whimsical items we use downstairs and on the boys’ tree. But our main floor needed some help. I’m all about the holiday sparkle, but I needed more silver, less gold.

Since I’m still working on decorating our house for the other eleven months out of the year, I couldn’t justify a big holiday decor shopping spree. So a little thriftiness combined with my decorating OCD usually leads to me looking around trying to think of what I can make…which can be dangerous. I’ve been wanting to try german glass glitter for awhile, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Continue reading

Easy Halloween Coaster Tutorial


Fall is definitely in the air today and I’m feelin’ crafty! I have to confess that I’m a summer-lovin girl, so I tend to drag my feet when it comes to embracing fall. There are many great things about the fall season, the beautiful changing colors, football and of course, pumpkin pie…but the great weather we’ve been having has fed my denial even longer. My house was looking more BBQ on the deck ready than like the calendar has actually hit well into October.

So I started digging out my autumn decorations. Since this time last year I was dealing with total remodel disaster, it has been awhile since I did any seasonal decorating and I wasn’t real thrilled about all of the orange “stuff” I found in the box. So I dug around a little more…

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IKEA sawhorse desk upgrade

When we completely gutted our basement last year, we added a new family room and turned the old one into a new laundry room and study area for the boys. I first envisioned built-in desks and cabinets for the space, but then realized it may be better to keep the area more flexible for possible changes down the road. Those kiddos grow up so fast!

So I was in the market for desks…

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Zinc Inspired Dresser

When the contractors finally left our house after a nearly year-long remodel, I was particularly excited to move back into our bedroom again. My enthusiasm dropped a bit when all of our furniture came back from storage. Let’s just say in the case of my bedroom furniture absence did not make the heart grow fonder…

I knew I wanted to replace our armoire with a tall dresser and fell in love with this one made from zinc at Restoration Hardware – or “RH” as they are now re-branding themselves.

The size and style were perfect and I loved the zinc patina.  I didn’t however love the nearly 3000.00 price tag. Ouch.

So I was on a mission…

I found this dresser for $200 on Craigslist. It was just the size and storage we needed and really good quality. But the cherry veneer finish wasn’t going to work. 

Here it is in the garage where I walked by it every day for at least a month trying to figure out how I wanted to paint it.

My display model is our dog Lola. She thinks when there is a camera involved it must be all about her. (I blame myself for taking too many pictures of her as a puppy)

Finally, on an afternoon that I should have been doing something else….I decided to just go for it. I first painted the whole thing with Annie Sloan Graphite which gave it a very matte dark grey finish. I then took two different shades of silver metallic craft paint and just started randomly brushing it all over. The result?? Not so good…let’s just say my dresser resembled something similar to an over-the-hill vegas showgirl. Crap.

To tone down the metallic accents, I decided to water down some of the original graphite paint and wash over the whole thing one more time. It worked! I “grunged” it up a bit with some dark wax and moved it upstairs to our bedroom.

What do you think? Not bad for two hundred bucks!