Little Cypress Tree Love

noel table open house

When I decorate the shop I follow many of the same steps as I do with my clients or in my own home. It’s all about layering. So when the products were all out and displayed, I still needed that extra something to provide natural texture and a pop of color. I immediately turned to one my favorite holiday plants, the little green cypress tree.

If you’ve read through my blog, you may remember my post a few years ago about me and poinsettias. (you can read about it here…confessionsofapoinsettiakiller )

Not that I don’t love a beautiful Christmas red poinsettia, but they are temperamental little things!  And let’s be honest, if you do manage to keep them alive with leaves and everything still attached, who wants that thing hanging around in July?

The little green cypress tree rarely fails me…from the teeny tiny to the tall and stately, that gorgeous bright green brings holiday cheer both inside and out. Start with a couple of small ones for your table or mantle, then plant them outside as a great centerpiece for your planter.  I have two that graduated to the planters on each side of my front door and twinkling with little white lights as I type. 🙂

Below are a few favorites uses for cypress trees I found on Pinterest.

How cute are these two wrapped in simple brown kraft paper with a little red star? I love the height they provide to this dessert table.

Cypress Centerpiece BHG

Pure JOY. Love the creativity! Just think of all the possible options that can be used. Cypress JOY

This so simple, yet gorgeous. I particularly like the combination of the metallic shine with the rustic natural texture of the trees.

Cypress Mantle

It doesn’t get any sweeter than these three. Struggling for a centerpiece? Line up three little trees and you will love the way it looks! Add the red for the holidays and change it up after the new year. The bright green will help get you through the grey days of January!Cypress 3 red bows

The little green cypress tree. What’s not to love?


confessions of a poinsettia killer…

This year (like every year) I bought two poinsettias. One for the center of my table and a larger one that sits on the floor near the front door. Well,  by December 2nd…I had already managed to kill one. This isn’t completely uncommon for me, although I wouldn’t consider myself a total “green thumb”, I do fine in the garden. But inside, particularly at Christmas time…I turn into the holiday grim reaper to these poor innocent plants.  I almost feel guilty buying one.

So our table sat bare for the past few weeks, but with holiday entertaining over the next couple of days I need to do a last minute scramble for something for a centerpiece.  Since I have a custom painting job that is taking priority, this needed to be accomplished in about ten minutes…fifteen tops.

I had picked up this amazing vintage punch bowl awhile back for $9…and it was the perfect size for what I envisioned.  A pretty silver or glass bowl would also work well.


Since it wasn’t  raining, snowing or something in between….I headed outside.  Again, had to be quick it was getting dark. Continue reading

just a little more glitter…

Whew! I just arrived home late Sunday night from my whirlwind remodel project in Mesa, Arizona…and was hit pretty hard on Monday morning by the fact it was December 17th! Crap!! I have soooo much left to do to get ready for Christmas!  I had a custom paint project dropped off yesterday, so somehow between my last minute holiday shopping,  I need to squeeze in painting a dining room table and EIGHT chairs before Christmas! <deep breath>

So if you run into me at the grocery store or the mall looking a little crazy with paint in my hair,  pretend you don’t see me when I dive into a nearby clothes rack to hide instead of saying hello.  🙂

But for now it’s about the glitter…

In an earlier post (you can see it again here) I made glittered letters with the german glass glitter I ordered online from Meyer Imports. Well, I couldn’t leave all that glittery goodness alone!   I picked up a variety of pinecones from the craft store and went to work on creating a little more sparkle around the house.  It’s about as easy of a project as it comes (I said easy, but I might mention messy)  but the results are worth the clean up.  Just apply glue to the areas on the pine cone you want to highlight with a small paint brush or sponge brush and sprinkle with glitter. That’s it!

Here are the large pinecones I added to the tray on my coffee table to add a little winter glitz:

Pine cones & starfish

And many more I added in clusters in our upstairs Christmas tree:

tree pinecones 2

tree closeup

christmas tree full

You may not hear from me much this week…but I’ll check in and let you know how it’s going.  Maybe I’ll see you at the mall 🙂


Look out my friends, the german glass glitter I ordered arrived!

JOY - glitter

So as I feared, many of my Christmas decorations pre-remodel were a bust.  Too gold, too burgundy, too formal, too-something…I was able to make a lot of it work, particularly the more whimsical items we use downstairs and on the boys’ tree. But our main floor needed some help. I’m all about the holiday sparkle, but I needed more silver, less gold.

Since I’m still working on decorating our house for the other eleven months out of the year, I couldn’t justify a big holiday decor shopping spree. So a little thriftiness combined with my decorating OCD usually leads to me looking around trying to think of what I can make…which can be dangerous. I’ve been wanting to try german glass glitter for awhile, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Continue reading

two more trees

I love decorating for Christmas…and I do a lot of it. Unfortunately, my own house still needs a little more attention, but with Thanksgiving and both boys playing in basketball tournaments all weekend…I just didn’t have the time to finish it.  I did however, manage to hit the road and head up to my parent’s place yesterday to fulfill my annual tree decorating duty at their house. I don’t know how many years I’ve been decorating their tree or sometimes trees…probably as long as I’ve lived back in Washington. But its fun to do and always feels good to share a little Christmas spirit.

Their tree never looks exactly the same from year to year, sometimes we add something new and other years I just decide to rearrange and try something different. I guess I don’t always have a plan, but just start hanging “this” and working in some of “that” until it feels done. They have some gorgeous ornaments, so making it beautiful doesn’t take too much effort on my part!

Here are some pictures of one of their trees this year…Unfortunately, the sun was shining brightly through the window and making it tough to get good shots without a lot of glare. But it was sunshine in late November, so I won’t complain!

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