union jack

I’ve been wanting to try painting a union jack for a while now. But I just didn’t seem to have the right furniture candidate, or maybe more honestly…the time.  I’ve seen some really cool dressers done, but none of the dressers I’ve picked up seem to have that industrial edge to pull it off.

Then I came across this vintage typewriter table.  I took this picture after my first layer of paint…when the “oh crap, I forgot to take a before shot” hit me.

Union Jack Before

Great metal style with casters and flip down sides.  I decided this was going to be a “jack” if it killed me. Continue reading

new custom makeover

I love a good deal, and in my line of work it’s critical when it comes to upcycling and selling furniture. I need to find good pieces at great prices in order to offer them for sale at a reasonable price for my clients. This is the part where I find myself explaining that shopping really can be “work”. Seriously! Ok, maybe not ALL of it feels like work. 🙂

I pride myself as being a pretty good shopper…but I recognize when I’ve been out matched, and my friend Kelly has some serious skills!  That girl can hunt down a bargain and I love it!! She has picked up several great pieces for me during her expeditions…but when she sent me a picture of this antique dresser she picked up for a steal, I knew she earned her crown.

Kelly before

Such a great vintage piece, but unfortunately someone had put a thick layer of some kind of green-tinted lacquer all over it. Yuk! We could tell there had to be some potential under all of that gunk…and for the price is was worth taking the chance.

I first needed to strip off all of the lacquer. This is a MESSY job, and unfortunately, I’m always surprised how long it takes. The best way I can think of to describe it? Hmmm… kind of like scraping a big wad of gum off the sidewalk on a hot summer day. (It’s glamorous work I do here people)

But with all of that gooey mess comes a amazing sense of satisfaction when you uncover a drawer that can look as pretty as this…

Kelly side closeup

Kelly is going to use this piece as a TV stand in her family room and we wanted to bring in the beautiful shade of blue she is already using as an accent color throughout the rest of the room.

The paint I used is Provence, by Annie Sloan, distressed and finished with a layer of clear wax followed by dark wax detail work. The wood was stripped, sanded and finished in a Dark Walnut stain by Minwax.

I love furniture makeovers…even the “gummy” ones, and I can’t wait to see this sweet little dresser in it’s new home!  Enjoy Kelly!

Kelly fullshot

custom work

I can’t believe we are in our second week of April! It’s been almost six weeks now since I opened my little shop. In many ways it feels like it has been six months and then when I think about all the plans I still have….I catch myself thinking,  “where did the past six weeks go?”  But I do feel like things are settling in and the crazy factor has decreased significantly. I’m definitely learning along the way…figuring out a balance and what makes sense for me both artistically and business-wise. Unfortunately, those two things don’t always go hand in hand…

Part of that balance is my interior design and custom work.  I really enjoy that side of my craft and want to be sure to carve enough time in my schedule to be able to work with clients independently as well as what I do for my shop.

So today I thought I would share a antique dresser makeover I recently did for a friend. Continue reading

two new pieces for the shop

I’ve been busy working to fill the big holes in my shop from the things that sold over the opening weekend. I feel a bit like a hamster on a wheel right now, but it’s the good kind of busy…it still doesn’t feel like work anyway! But my hands hurt! All that painting, sanding and waxing does some damage.

I’m really excited about the two pieces I just finished. I brought them over to the shop this afternoon and had all kinds of fun rearranging the whole place all over again! Wow, I have lots to do…big plans, big plans.  🙂

So here are the two new additions: Continue reading

meet Erin

Remember this color?

florence graphite paint

Here was it’s victim…

desk before

I picked up this desk awhile back from a very sweet elderly lady. She was quite proud of it, and was thrilled that it was going to be <cough> refinished.  I fell in love with the rope detail on the top and my initial plan was to strip and re-stain the top and paint the rest of the desk in this great color concoction made from a mix of Annie Sloan Florence and Graphite.

Continue reading

meet Frenchie

Here she finally is…that sweet little antique halltree/bench I’ve fondly named Frenchie.  Again, I changed my mind several times on how I wanted to paint her…but ultimately, I knew I needed to play up her feminine details to show her off properly. And even with all the trouble,  I have to say the new hardware was totally worth it.

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a particularly grey day here in the Pacific Northwest (shocking, I know)…so I was working with very little natural light trying to capture some decent photos.

Here is a full shot:  (If you need a reminder of what Frenchie looked like “before” you can see her here.)     Continue reading

milk paint table reveal

Here it is!  My first milk paint project!

Again, here is the picture of the table “before”

end table before

And here it is “after”

MMS table

Isn’t the “chippy” finish cool? I have to admit I wasn’t sure what was going to happen once the paint started to bubble and peel, but I really like the finished product. I couldn’t achieve this type of look distressing by hand. Once the paint had time to dry, I used a putty knife to gently scrape the flaking paint off. There was a lot of it!   Continue reading

non-traditional buffet

Several people asked me about the dresser featured in my last post about glitter, so I thought today I would tell you a little about how “Sophia” was painted. I picked up this french provincial dresser at Value Village and knew it would be perfect to use as a buffet in our dining area.  Our great room is filled with various types of wood and I had been looking for a paintable piece for quite awhile.

Here is how Sophia looked when I bought her.  I loved the style…but that bad yellow and brassy gold hardware needed some work.

sophia before

I mixed French Linen and Graphite by Annie Sloan to achieve a dark grey. Painted two coats and followed with a clear wax. I then lightly distressed areas I wanted to show a little wear, but kept it fairly light. I then used a dark wax to grunge it up a bit and add a layered effect.

I cleaned up the hardware and then free hand painted them and all of the carved details using a dark brown acrylic craft paint.

Sophia Closeup

I love how Sophia turned out! Dressers are a great alternative to a traditional sideboard for your dining area. They provide so much interest and great storage too!

Sophia 3

Sophia dresser full shot


Sophia MSS

“the table”

If you have been following my blog lately, you may have heard me mention “the table” a few times. It was a custom job I was working on for quite some time. Well that baby was delivered today! Woot Woot!!  Is it happy hour yet?!! 🙂

The table was a challenge for a few reasons, but mostly because I’m a little borderline neurotic (ok, fine Mom, not so little and maybe I’ve crossed the border) when it comes to having things look a certain way. I’ll fuss and tweak until it not only looks right, but feels right to me as well. This table took a lot of fussin’!  I had in my mind how I wanted it to look in the end… and I could see the potential. But it had a long way to go from point A to point B and there were a few battles in between.

The table definitely won a battle or two, my sander has the worn spots to prove it…but I’m proud to say I think I won the war.

Here is the table before:

and After:

Continue reading