Little Cypress Tree Love

noel table open house

When I decorate the shop I follow many of the same steps as I do with my clients or in my own home. It’s all about layering. So when the products were all out and displayed, I still needed that extra something to provide natural texture and a pop of color. I immediately turned to one my favorite holiday plants, the little green cypress tree.

If you’ve read through my blog, you may remember my post a few years ago about me and poinsettias. (you can read about it here…confessionsofapoinsettiakiller )

Not that I don’t love a beautiful Christmas red poinsettia, but they are temperamental little things!  And let’s be honest, if you do manage to keep them alive with leaves and everything still attached, who wants that thing hanging around in July?

The little green cypress tree rarely fails me…from the teeny tiny to the tall and stately, that gorgeous bright green brings holiday cheer both inside and out. Start with a couple of small ones for your table or mantle, then plant them outside as a great centerpiece for your planter.  I have two that graduated to the planters on each side of my front door and twinkling with little white lights as I type. 🙂

Below are a few favorites uses for cypress trees I found on Pinterest.

How cute are these two wrapped in simple brown kraft paper with a little red star? I love the height they provide to this dessert table.

Cypress Centerpiece BHG

Pure JOY. Love the creativity! Just think of all the possible options that can be used. Cypress JOY

This so simple, yet gorgeous. I particularly like the combination of the metallic shine with the rustic natural texture of the trees.

Cypress Mantle

It doesn’t get any sweeter than these three. Struggling for a centerpiece? Line up three little trees and you will love the way it looks! Add the red for the holidays and change it up after the new year. The bright green will help get you through the grey days of January!Cypress 3 red bows

The little green cypress tree. What’s not to love?


Thank you for shopping “small”

Shop Small.

What does it mean to “shop small”?

Wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of my favorite days of the year.  Yes, I’m a small business owner, and Small Business Saturday is a great day for the little guys, but it means so much more than just the bottom line.

Small Business Saturday is about taking a deep breath and enjoying the people and places around you. It’s the coffee shop, the pizza spot, and your favorite shop that makes up what you call home. Shopping small preserves local character. It’s what makes your town different from the next, the friendly face – excited to meet your family in from out of town.

Shopping small supports local charities, schools and programs. Studies show on average locally owned businesses give three times more than corporate chains. See a shop with windows papered with posters of the local high school play, soccer team or church craft bazaar? Those are signs of support in lieu of a sale.

When you shop local, you’re money stays local. Neighbors are employed, and profits funnel back to your community. Studies show on average, $68 of every $100 spent stays in your local economy.

Finally, shopping small supports hard work and a dream. Choosing to shop or dine with a neighbor is a pat on the back, or the little nudge they need to keep going or maybe take that leap to grow.

Today was a fun day…a reminder to think big, and shop small. Thank you!

ShopSmall Collage

Decorating With Evergreens

Dealing with the post-storm mess outside? If your yard looks like mine, it’s covered with sticks, branches, leaves, and maybe the neighbor’s BBQ cover? That was quite a windstorm we experienced here in the Pacific Northwest this past week! I hope all of you are safe and your electricity has been restored. (shout-out to PUD – thank you!)

Charles was out of town on business during all the excitement, so the boys and I headed out to clean up some of the wreckage and find our driveway once again. But in my typical distracted style, I found myself finding all kinds of great uses for all of the beautiful evergreens! “Wait! that’s a good one, put it on the pile!” Soon the boys were holding up each branch for a thumbs up or down before it headed for the yard waste or my “holiday evergreen stash”.

So before you get too hasty in your clean up, be sure and save a little stash of your own. The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few I came across to get you inspired!

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to swap out sad looking remains of your summer annuals. Easiest project ever! Just stuff and tuck a variety of evergreens, sticks and pinecones! This beautiful arrangement and step by step instructions can be found on the beautiful blog The Art of Doing Stuff 

Outdoor Planter

Add a little winter touch to your front door by filling a basket or any container with greens. This birch basket would be lovely on a porch or right by the fireplace. Spotted this one on Lush Home

Evergreen Basket

Adding evergreens can be as simple as popping in a few sprigs in a votive or surrounding a pillar candle or lantern for extra texture and color.

candle greens collagePhotos via Pinterest

I love this idea of just a touch on the top of photo frames from

Evergreen Photo Collage

And of course, don’t forget the evergreen wreath!

Small Evergreen Wreath

Photo by

Now get out there and clean up! 🙂



German Glass Glitter is here!

German Glass Glitter, German Glass Glitter…I must have said those three words fifty times at our BEACH GLASS holiday event last week! It’s funny how words come in and out of your life. Right now it’s “NO!” (due to Allie our new puppy) and “German Glass Glitter” because of all of the gorgeous sparkle currently at the shop.

What is German Glass Glitter? Well, it isn’t your finely shredded tinsel my friends! Y’know… the kind that sticks to your face for several days forcing you to defend exactly how you are spending your spare time? German glass glitter is actually crushed glass that give the most beautiful reflective sparkle. Silver coated with actual silver, German glass glitter ages over time to a beautifully aged patina. I can’t get enough of the stuff! Armed with an old paint or sponge brush and some good old fashioned Elmer’s glue, nothing is off limits!

Here are some examples currently at BEACH GLASS by K.Miller Interiors, and why I will continue to say “German Glass Glitter” throughout this holiday season.

Pinecones are one of my favorites…

German Glass Glitter Pinecone

German Glass Glitter Pinecone

Just about anything wood, the B & G on our BEACH GLASS Christmas tree are made from MDF and boy do they shine!

German Glass Glitter Letters

German Glass Glitter Letters

The gorgeous reindeer, twig star garlands, and gift boxes are all hand crafted from Sherri’s Designs using german glass glitter and mica flakes.

Sherri's Designs


By now you have read “German Glass Glitter” more times than you thought you ever would, so you are probably asking, where can I get my hands on this glittery goodness?

No fret my friends, I have bottled some magic just for you! I blended my favorite fine and course grit glitters to create the perfect blend for just about any project. Fine enough to get the coverage you need, but enough of the chunky stuff for that extra sparkle!

BEACH GLASS German Glass Glitter Blend

BEACH GLASS German Glass Glitter Blend

Come on in and get your hands on some while it lasts!

german glass glitter, german glass glitter 🙂


We’re making room at BEACH GLASS!

Shop sign


10-75% Off Storewide*!

BEACH GLASS is getting the shop ready for a new season and that means HUGE SAVINGS for you! Everything in the shop is marked down at least 10%* with many seasonal items marked down even more, up to 75% off!

Home decor 10-75% off!

Select handbags 30% off!

Solares recycled glass jewelry 20% off!

Scarves 30% off!

Havaianas flip flops 40% off!

Select Paint Colors 75% off

We need to make room for exciting fall products on their way!  We’re marking things down now, so head to the shop soon for some great savings!

*Kim Caron jewelry & Consignments excluded from sale

We’re Celebrating with a SALE!!



Happy New Year!!

During all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season…we turned ONE here at BEACH GLASS by K.Miller Interiors! YEP, we had a big day come and go and we didn’t even get to celebrate. However, since it’s not the day you celebrate, but the WAY you celebrate…we are kicking of the new year with a STOREWIDE* sale!!


Starting Wednesday, January 7th take advantage of 20-50% off throughout the store! (excludes consignment items, MUKILTEO pillows, VMD paint & special orders)

Many new arrivals in the past week…come down and find yourself a treasure while you can!

619 4th Street | Mukilteo WA 98275  425.374.2694

OPEN Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm

website launch!

I am thrilled to announce the new website for BEACHGLASS by: K.Miller Interiors! I can’t be more excited about having this new tool to help share and grow my business.  It will serve as a great resource to learn more about what’s new at the shop, what events we have in the works, new pieces and products, and of course, helpful tips and information about Vintage Market & Design furniture paint! The site also includes a link to my long-neglected blog…moved over from, so I’m eager to pick up writing again and have everything connect together! You will also find links to our pages on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

A huge thank you to the Reni and the team at Bliss and Tell Branding Company for their patience and hard work in creating a site that so perfectly represents BEACHGLASS!

So be sure and subscribe to the new blog and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!


meet “Belle”


I’ve been in the market for a well-used truck for awhile.  I needed a shop truck – something inexpensive to haul furniture and all of the other great “finds” I come across for BEACHGLASS. My car just isn’t big enough –  and when the Mister bought a new SUV this summer, I could tell right away his hauling days were over. He gives me a crazy look when I ask to go through the Starbucks drive through in his fancy new ride, so I knew my next rusty, dusty piece of potential was NEVER going to fly.

So I put the word out that I was looking for an old truck. You know, “grandpa’s truck” – far from new, but well loved and driven little.

Well about two weeks ago we found her. My dad spotted an old Chevy for sale in the neighbor’s yard out at the lake. A sweet little blue and white “cream puff” as he described it,  that had belonged to his parents.

Hmmm…didn’t sound like the tough chick vintage truck I imaged. You know, the kind of cool truck that has that look like it has stories to tell?  But with the price tag under $3,000.00 – it was more important that it didn’t provide the kind of stories that started with me on the side of road. Continue reading

my favorite plant

If you have followed my blog for awhile you most likely know that I’m not much of a green thumb when it comes to indoor plants. I do okay outside, but I have a tendency to torture any plant I try to keep indoors. I completely admit to the fact it’s my fault…I stuff them places where I think they look good from a design perspective – completely ignoring their “care” instructions. You may recall the unfortunate Christmas poinsettia from last year.

Needs lots of sunlight? But I really like the way it brightens up this dark corner.

Water regularly? That’s a little tough when it’s placed 9 feet off the floor on top of that empty shelf that needed something green.

Then I discovered air plants. Continue reading

meet Stephen

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this dresser for awhile now…but with all of the craziness of opening the new shop it just seemed to take a hit on the priority list. Poor thing, he really is pretty cool.

Most of the pieces painted with chalk paint have a layered look that looks amazing. I love that look as well, but sometimes a certain piece just seems to call for something different.

That was the case with this old maple dresser. We’ve all seen his guy around before…if you are like me, your brother maybe even had a bunk bed in the same style. So maybe it was a little of me reminiscing or just the influence of my all-male household…but this dresser needed to be painted more masculine.

Here is a photo of the dresser before:

Stephen before


But with this simple combination of FrogTape and chalk paint in OXFORD by Vintage Market & Design …


look at him now!

Stephen dresser


Stephen is for sale at BEACHGLASS for $375.